An adventure in dessert



I always knew I had something special in me, just didn’t know what it was. I searched and searched, tried that many “opportunities” that I lost count.

I fell into cake decorating purely by accident. I bought a basic flower making kit from a pretty awesome lady, and started making pretty dodgy flowers, and then moved on to cakes. But after a while, I started getting better. Who knew!

Three years later and I truly am proud of myself for what I have achieved and believe I’ve earnt my place amongst some pretty incredible people. But as is always the case with me, I’m always looking for other ways to incorporate my love of food, dessert, and, blessed be, coffee, into my life. I’m pretty sure that my veins are heavily caffeinated.

I was enjoying a lovely skinny cap half sugar and a some macarons with another gorgeous lady, who seemed to find it hellishly amusing the way I would smell, taste, turn the food over, pull it apart, analyse it, taste it.

“You could so write a blog about this!” she told me.

“Sure,” I chuckled back, not thing a lot of it.

But the seed for Coffee, Cake, and Cafes was well and truly sown. Pair that with my love of searching for the best cup of coffee and dessert around town, my aim is to find all the little hidden gems around Adelaide that no one really knows about, and share them with everyone.

Follow my travels on instagram @coffeecakeandcafes and see where I end up.

Do you have a favourite coffee spot or dessert I simply must try? Let me know!