An adventure in dessert

Crazy for Crumpets and Coffee in Clarence Gardens

Crazy for Crumpets and Coffee in Clarence Gardens

Did I overdo the alliteration?  Possibly.  But it’s all A’s for Crumpets Cafe.

It’s super easy to tell the difference between a barista that just makes coffee to pay the bills and one that is has a deep seated passion for the creamy, dark beverage.  You know, when your barista’s eyes brighten as they carefully create your chosen favourite brew or talk to you about their new and exciting concoctions.  They take ultimate pride in what they present to you and understand the finer points of what makes a truly good brew.  A top barista realises and appreciates that for some drinkers, it’s so much more than just a quick caffeine injection before work.  Amber Baines is one of those enthusiastic baristas that you can instantly see that for her, it’s a passion, not a past-time.

Coming from the a country area, I found myself looking for a nice stop on my way out of the city before the hour journey back home.  Having run some errands in the Edwardstown area, a quick Google search and a 3 minute drive later, I found myself sitting at Crumpets Cafe on the tree-lined Winston Avenue. 

 I’m a very visual person and can often be hesitant if faced with an environment I don’t feel comfortable in or, perhaps, looks a little uninviting as it seems a bit dark and cramped.  I’ll move on to the next cafe if I don’t get a feeling of comfort and relaxation from a cafe.  But the open, light feel of the surprisingly small cafe made me feel more than comfortable to wander right in and take a seat.

Crumpets is not large, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in atmosphere.  The decor is beautiful and modern with a large bay window with bar stools and a few al fresco tables where you can sit and watch the world go by in one of my favourite suburban areas.  Call me sentimental, but I grew up in Cumberland Park and it still gets me feeling very nostalgic, so to be able to sit and remember my childhood was somewhat therapeutic. 

What I also loved about making myself at home here, was the good sized tables.  Sitting in cafes is where I do a lot of my thinking, thought processing, and journaling, so I like to spread out.  I’ll often have my computer, any number of notebooks, my phone, and a good two or three mechanical pencils depending on my mood.  To be able to doodle in my notebooks and have my coffee close at hand is a huge bonus, and I was able to spread out all my notebooks and still have my drink within easy reach.  

In hindsight, I should have taken a little more time over my menu selection instead of just going for the tried and true dessert of pancakes, and I certainly won’t be playing it safe next time.  There is so much more than meets this menu!  Even so, my pancakes and cappuccino did not disappoint.  The owners, Amber Baines, and her partner who is the chef, take such care with their food and coffee, you know right from that first lick of the spoon, that it’s going to be a cracker.  No bitter after taste, a smooth, creamy blend, needing no sugar to sweeten this perfect cup.

The pancakes themselves were … epic.  Two thick, cakey pillows towered above the plate, topped with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, coulis, and a drizzle of chocolate.  

Amber offered me a second coffee, and I felt no pressure to up and leave to make room for more customers which often accompanies busy lunch time eateries.  

There is just so much more to this little beauty of a cafe, and I can’t wait to get back there as soon as I can to try some of the various crumpet options.  As the name suggests, there is a strong focus on the breakfast staple, as the take something that we generally coat with vegemite or honey and turn in into something totally new; think caramelised banana crumpets or creme brulee cronuts.

My mouth is watering already.


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